Be Irresistible - Make A Powerful First Impression That Extents Far Into The Future

Irresistible Attraction

Learn How To Develop Irresistible Attraction

Most people form an opinion about in only a few seconds after meeting you ... Learn how to be instantly irresistible in that moment ...

Be Irresistible Irresistible Attraction: Secrets of Personal Magnetism

This book reveals to you the hidden secrets of attraction and charisma. Learn to maximize your hidden and natural attributes to create an instant bond with anyone you meet. The lessons, techniques and techniques are broad based and can be applied not to just dating and mingling at party's, but also to fellow employees, job interviews and sales work. If you want to be that "irresistible person with personal charisma ... " ... this book will show you how.

Irresistible Attraction authors are well suited to write this book: Kevin Hogan, Ph.D. is a well known national speaker and the author of eight books including The Psychology of Persuasion and Talk Your Way to the Top He is considered one of America's leading experts in body language and hypnosis. Mary Lee LaBay is the co-author of Through the Open Door: Secrets of Self Hypnosis and The Hypnotherapy Handbook: Hypnosis and Mindbody Healing. She is a certified instructor of hypnotherapy.

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