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The Complete Book of Spells And Magick

This is not just a book about magick ... It is also about how to do magick ... with spells from all over the world ... including spells for love, wealth, health and protection ...

Learn How To Cast Magick Spells - Complete Book Of Spells

Magick Spells Book Get The Complete Book Of Spells

This is the most comprehensive reference books for all of the major branches of magic and is written by the internationally noted occult scholar and practitioner. It is the best introduction to magick and is great for beginners and those who have explored the idea of magical spells in general.

You will learn about mantras, concentration, visualization, evocations sex magick ... and explore the mystical arts of tarot and palmistry. If you want to really explore the world of magick and magick spells, you will find this book a fascinating read ... and maybe you will try your hand at casting a few spells yourself ... the instructions are there.

Magick Spells Book Learn More About The Complete Book of Spells And Magick

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