How To Meet Women While Walking Your Dog

How To Meet Women While Walking Your Dog

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Check this out – You want women dying to give you their number? Oh, yeah, you do! Tired of always having to chase after women? Of course you are! So why not get them to come to you? There’s a simple idea that has women flocking to you. It’s as easy as a walk in the park – something you're likely doing everyday, anyway, since you own a dog ... and who doesn't want to go for a walk with a best friend who helps you meet new and interesting women.

Yeah, you’ve heard about dogs being a babe magnet – and that's mostly true - especially if you have a good looking, well trained dog ... or at least cute and sorta' trained dog. Now it's time to see if all that time together makes you into a team. If you don't believe in yourself ... trust the dog. If you don’t have a dog, be the nice guy, show your sensitive side, and offer to take a friend’s pooch for a walk once in a while. The dog does not have to belong to you to have that same magnetic effect on women.
How To Meet Women Walking Your Dog
It works like this: When women see a man with cute, furry dog they can’t resist going up to pet and talk to dog ... especially if the dog has good manners and friendly attitude ... which of course you've worked hard to attain (not you, the dog). When women start feeling all warm and fuzzy and friendly they generally start asking you about your dog. "He’s so cute! What’s his name? What kind is he? Can I pet him?" All you have to do is be ready with the basic info. Like, "Thanks, his name’s Butch. He’s not a pure breed, just a lovable mutt, aren't ya boy?Go ahead; he loves to be petted by beautiful women." Now is a good time to show off all the tricks you've taught your dog ... and if he doesn't know any tricks, pretend he does, and go for laughs when he won't do any tricks.

From here, ask if she has pets, learn about them, what kind, their names. If she does not have a dog now, ask if she ever did. Find out about it, then ask her advice on your dog. Like, "Since you used to have a dog, maybe you’ll know this, but Butch wants to bark all night long. Any idea what I should do?" This does not have to be the exact question, just pick something where she can give advice and an opinion. She’ll feel needed, and you just have to act interested and impressed with the advice. If she never had a dog, share a fuzzy story about the dog and why they make good pets. Then say, "Ya know, Butch is really digging you. He never takes to strangers like this. I think he’d be really disappointed if he did not get to see you again. Care to join us here for a picnic tomorrow?" Now you’ve been sweet and flattering and funny in one fell stroke, and the woman will be eating out of the palm of your hand. Get her number, set a date. Just pack some wine and a blanket with that picnic basket, and you’ll be ready to rock ... and don't forget a dog bone to keep "Butch" busy while you get busy ... after all, he's earned it.

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How To Meet Women While Walking Your Dog