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The Pheromone Love Cologne For Men

ultrAllure Pheromones: The highest grade pheromone available, plus an added essence inspired by a top cologne designer ... and only available online through ultrAllure ...

Custom Mens Pheromone Cologne

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In people, pheromones are naturally occurring, almost odorless, chemicals that are sensed on the subconscious by the opposite sex ... these scent signals can trigger very powerful sexual responses ... pheromones signal "I am strong, healthy and ready for love".
Experiments show that males who produce larger amounts of pheromones often have greater success with females ... and experiments with humans have shown that same trend.

What matters is the quality of the pheromones (ultrAllure uses only the best). And, what can create an edge in attracting women is combining a balanced amount of pheromones with a pleasing scent that gets women's attention ... now as a woman gets closer (attraction on the conscious level) the pheromones begin to work on the subconscious level. This balanced, two fold attraction pioneered by ultrAllure is very powerful.
And, now, you can put it ultrAllure to work for you risk free ... ultrAllure comes with a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Time's a wasting ... another weekend is coming ... why not give yourself a powerful sexual advantage with ultrAllure ... the ultimate love cologne.

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