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"Hello, My Name is Dawn ... "

Call Me - Let Me Help You With Your Love Life "Having trouble in your love life? May unsure if you should stay in a current relationship? Met someone new and want some insight into if it's love or just infatuation? I can help!"

"I am a natural clairvoyant. At a very young age I began to have precognitive experiences, that is, I would 'know' what would happen in the future. Sometimes far into the future. With 35 years experience in the psychic field, I am adept at several forms of divination, but I am particularly drawn to Tarot. I've found that working with my spirit guides in combination with Tarot tends to produce the best results."

"My clients tell me I have a great warmth and am very direct with my readings. Whatever I 'see', whatever my spirit guides tell me, I will tell you. Never be shy about contacting me. I am willing to talk with you and offer my skills to help ... even with the most sensitive issues. All my readings come with a satisfaction guarantee ... you appreciate your last reading or it is free. There ... now you have no excuse not to call. I would love to meet you! Give me a call when you are ready."

1-866-407-7164   Dawn's Ext: 9187

(Toll Free For The USA and Canada)

Dawn provides her reading through Psychic Source. They have been providing telephone access to top psychics, mediums, astrologers and other divination specialist since 1989. You will also find Love Psychic Dawn listed in the Psychics Directory and the Psychic Directory Network. Dawn is also an occasional psychic monitor at The Free Psychic Chatroom ... no readings allowed in the chat room, however, you are more than welcome to come by and meet a number of psychics and chat about all things paranormal.

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