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Where you can find what "regular" folks are saying about the most current films... post your own review ... or get a "professional" film reviewers opinion ...

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Where to find movie downloads, chat, DVDs on sale, how to copy DVDs and more.

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DVD Planetcds Save 50% or more buying USED DVDs ... and ALL used discs are thoroughly inspected and are backed by a 100% guarantee. New releases also available. Great place to find anime.

Movie Chat
Wanna' chat online about movies, celebs, videos and stuff. Check this movie chat directory out.

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This cool software combines an easy-to-use interface and has more features than any other DVD copying utility for the exceptional price of only $29.99. Backup your entire DVD collection in 3 clicks of the mouse.

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Get Quality TV Fan Products VIP Fan Clubs Entertainment Store offers exclusive merchandise from your favorite television shows like 24, Family Guy, Prison Break, Bones, My Name is Earl, The Unit, The Shield, American Dad, King of the Hill, Arrested Development, The X-Files, Buffy, Angel and your favorite movies. Get your favorite TV show coffee cup for the office ... make em' envious, it will.

DVD MegaPacks
Excellent place to get large packages of DVD classics at prices that are hard to beat... almost cheaper than renting. Find LOTS of collectable DVDs. Go See! Worth a visit.

Hot Movie Sales Some of the BEST prices on dvd movies you can find. Go check it out. Impressive discounts.

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