What Women Want - Sexually, Emotionally and From Relationships

Understanding What Women Want

Recommended reading for men who want to understand what women enjoy sexually, what women would like from men emotionally and what women look for, expect (or don't expect) from relationships ...

She Comes First ...

What Women Want And Enjoy Physically
Loaded with graphic, detailed help on mouth music including best positions, step-by-step techniques (illustrated), and tips for tongue and fingers. How long should this last? Until the woman has an orgasm or many, says author clinical sexologist Ian Kerner, Ph.D. Also includes great advice on making your lover comfortable with oral sex.tracking

Lovemaking Secrets of Sensual Lovemaking

What Women Want *
* What Men Need to Know

What Women Want And Enjoy Physically
This book can really help men who want to know the way to a woman's heart. Although some sexual ideas are presented, there is a lot more to this book than "sexual technique". It is about understanding what romance IS to a woman and what a man can do about it. Written by Jennifer Siegel, this book is a great help in understanding what woman want in romantic relationships.

What Women Want What Women Want -
What Men Should Know

What Women
Want Men to Know

What Women Want Men To Know A refreshing book for men by a woman... refreshing because she doesn't blame men for everything that's wrong. Instead, Barbara De Angelis (who has written a number of books on women for women and about dating) explains without blame how men and women communicate; the top myths men believe about women; and most of all she just flat out says, "hey, this is what women want men to know about them but just have trouble explaining"... O.K., now that works. Naturally, guys will enjoy the tips on becoming a better lover.

What Women Want What Women Want
Men To Know

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