Find The Perfect Relationship - The Rules To Succeed In Love And Life

12 Simple Rules For Dating ... And Life

Find that perfect relationship not just with another person ... but also with yourself ... Discover the easy way to succeed in dating and life ... just follow a few simple rules ...

Love Rules 12 Simple Rules For Love ... And Life

Discover the easy way to succeed in dating and life There is a reason that 12 Simple Rules is one of the #1 selling ebooks on the Internet ... because it's so informative, so easy, and it works for both men and women. Get step-by-step instructions and simple rules on how to find the perfect relationship; how to sort out the winners from the losers; how to remake YOURSELF into the person who succeeds at love and life.

Ever wonder why all those idiots seem to succeed in love, romance, money and life in general? Well, now you can discover the easy rules for being one of those happy idiots. The secrets in this book will give you an unfair advantage in the battle of sexes, so much that you may even feel guilty for using them... because you know EXACTLY what results you are going to get when the other party doesn't have a clue.

You think you've head this all before, but this is different. 12 Simple Rules is written by one of the world's top dating experts AND comes with a 60 day "no questions asked" money back guarantee. This ebook give CLEAR and EASY instructions that WORK in making your dating life ... man or woman ... a success.

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