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Crone's Book Of Magic Spells

Learn How To Cast Magic Spells - Easy Magic Spells For Every Purpose

Over 125 magic spells, incantations and charms for any purpose you can think of ... love spells, summon a ghost, protection spells and much more ... fun and easy ...

Magick Spells Book Get Crone's Book Of Spells And Charms

Even if you don't know a thing about magic, you can use this book. Those interested in the folklore of spells and charms will be particularly fascinated. The spells are easy, poetic, and evocative ... and the range in this spell book is phenomenal. There are simple fertility charms ... spells on how to bring rain and how to stop rain from falling ... love spells ... and spells to improve someone's disposition.

Whether you have been doing magic for a long time or are a beginner, this magic spells book is a must.

Magick Spells Book Learn More About The Complete Book of Spells And Magick

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